Comcure Stays Free & Introduces 2 New Plans

This blog post is contains plan information and may be slightly out of date now. If you have any questions, please email hello -at-

On Tuesday, July 17, shortly after we co-host “Host Me All Night Long” with @cPanel and @Softlayer, we will be introducing the next level of Comcure – our Business and Reseller plans (MySQL backups coming very soon as well!). Comcure was built to be and will remain free. However, we do have many clients who are asking for more business-oriented features, and even more so, the ability to resell Comcure.

When we launch these two new plans, they will only have a handful of features, but every month we promise to introduce new features.

Next week the business and reseller plans will introduce…

  •  3 domains backed up in two places on the worldwide Comcure storage network (2 new locations coming next week)
  • 10x more storage. Every business account comes with 50GB of space to back up your websites
  • 17 snapshots – 14 scheduled and 3 on-demand snapshots
  • more powerful snapshot scheduling – we will store the last 10 daily, 2 weekly and 2 monthly backups
  • optional 256-bit AES encryption of your data and two-factor iPhone/Android authentication-based logins (powered by AlterEgoApp)
  • the ability to restore backups to any FTP/SFTP server – you can use this feature to move your website to a new host if your current host is offline
  • a keychain feature to allow others to grant you access to their Comcure backups. Ideal for web designers! Only one of the two people linking need to be on a business plan.
  • and finally, priority support from our Development and Management teams when you need it. (Though we like to think we built Comcure to be “set and forget.”)

..and this is only the start! The three new features I’m most excited about will be released in August, but we’re going to keep quiet about those for a bit longer.

All of this for only $5/month. That’s less than $2/month per domain. Speaking of which, additional domains can be added to business accounts for only $2/month.

Our reseller plan details will also be released next week – you’ll receive the same features as the Business account with absolutely no limit on domains. So, install our soon-to-come WordPress and white-label cPanel plugins as many times as you want – we’ll only charge you for disk space.


  • Adam Croshaw

    Can’t believe how awesome Comcure is. The new features are awesome and I am excited to see more.

  • iDevGirl

    Excellent, been looking forward to being able to get my hands on the Reseller/Business plan. 

  • Nikos

    I am also waiting for the business/reseller accounts to come forward. I hope they will released soon and have a more detailed specs view of the plans together with the pricing.

    It sounds very promising and I will definitely invest in the busines/reseller accounts.

  • Devin

    *really* excited for mysql backups. that would seal the deal

    • comcure

      Yep – we are as well! I’m hoping to see it released this week. :) Just some final QA left to do..

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