The Comcure Mission Statement

It was less than 30 days ago that Comcure was released to the public. Less than 180 days that it was first seen by the public, and not but 365 days since the idea of Comcure was born. Our team of 7 has had a great time first building the foundation, and then the first phase of Comcure. I’m hesitant to say that the first phase is done, but I will say it, the first phase is done. Sure it may get a few coats of paint or a renovation here and there, but the first phase, the REWIND feature, enabling website owners to backup their websites and rewind any changes is done.

With the first phase done, I can very happily tell you that Phase II is well under way. But before we go into Phase II, I’d like to tell you the mission statement of Comcure.

Comcure Mission Statement

It is the mission of Comcure to strive to implement features which will enable better hosting. We will deliver superior features coupled with superior customer service at a great value, delivered via innovation, quality and commitment. We will compliment hosting not provide hosting.

How have we delivered on our mission statement thus far?

In the first month and the first phase of Comcure we delivered our first feature, free website backups. This feature which is used free of charge by more than 90% of our users backs up 2GB of data on a nightly basis, and enables completely free data restores. In a time of crisis we did not believe that we should charge you to do a restore. We provided backups completely free, without time limit, because what’s the chance your website will fail in the first 30 days? For our website backups to truly better hosting, we knew they had to be completely free.

What will Comcure deliver in phase II?

The Comcure team is well under way with our phase II product. In phase II, we will allow each and every website owner and business the tools they need to hold their host accountable for providing the superior reliability that they promise through their service level agreements.

Our team is anxiously working on releasing completely free website uptime monitoring from multiple points on the Comcure international network.

Scientia Potentia Est. Knowledge is Power.

An informed Customer is a Happier Customer. By providing free uptime and performance monitoring for websites we allow the customer to know when their website isn’t available for their visitors.

Free Website Backups and Free Uptime Monitoring..what else?

If that’s not enough – there’s more. Our teams are working on automating website migrations, building a better DNS product, and streamlining our procedures to allow us to serve the largest number of customers in the most efficient manner possible.

  • iCodeGuy

    Glad that things are going well for Comcure. It’s a great service and I plan very shortly to upgrade to the Premium plan, I feel bad for using the free service as it’s such a good service it’s worth paying for. 

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