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Hi All! Sorry for the long time between posts. In the past two months we’ve been very busy releasing a new look, new partnerships and new features. So much new – not to mention throwing a party for 3000 people at HostingCon and preparing for the cPanel Conference in October.

All that aside, we’re thrilled to announce that our friends at MyPCBackup came to us with an exciting offer. They came to us with the thought that everyone who wants to back up their website should also back up their PC and vice versa. We couldn’t agree more. It’s not just that easy, they made the deal sweet by saying anyone who signs up for MyPCBackup after visiting Comcure will qualify for a completely free Pro account for one year. All in all, that’s over a $100 value.

In other news, MySQL is around the corner, we ran into a problem with restoring MySQL databases with large binary files in the tables..we’ve fixed that now! The ability to add additional domains is also on it’s way this week. Each domain is only $2/mo once you have the Pro account.

Comcure is powering along…we’re thrilled with it’s progress and can’t wait for the new features we’ve snuck into the How It Works page (did you notice them?)

As always, we promise you won’t find a more open team – drop us an email at with any feedback!

  • Justin Hay

    I’m a bit confused here, is it a free Comcure pro account you get or a free pro MyPCBackup account that you get? Which one do we signup for first? 

    • comcure

      You sign up for MyPCBackup and they cover the fees of your Comcure Pro account. So sign up for MyPCBackup first ( and as long as you’re a client there, we bill them for your account.

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