2 months ago we asked you to support Comcure..

In 3 days we’ll be at the 2 month mark since we asked for your support and business – Sept 1st, 2012. A big day for Comcure.

So in turn, we wanted to take time and update everyone on how’s Comcure done to date, and what’s in the future…In our eyes, we have 5 major product categories and one bigger surprise.

1) Offsite “Rewind” Backups – This has been our flagship product. We started with File backups only and now we’ve introduced SQL backups. Jonny, our lead developer, is currently preparing to release a Backup wizard to help you get configured easier, it’s much needed! In addition, our backend guys are working on improving our ability to detect the software powering your site, imagine, if you are using cPanel with WordPress, we’ll know, and we can label configuration files as critical, or cache files as “don’t back up”.

2) Website Monitoring – We introduced this feature as it fit with our grand plan, to date, we provide free uptime monitoring to all our clients, though it’s very limited at 6 minute HTTP header checks from 3 locations. Within the next 30 days, we’ll introduce 1 minute checks, string checks (search for a word on your page), and SMS alerts. We won’t stop until our uptime monitoring is just as good as the next!

3) Malware and Virus Monitoring – This is alive and kicking, launching with the ability to detect over 900 signatures, now we detect over 264,000 signatures. The improvements coming here will be more powerful customization, updates and the ability to scan live sites as well as the backups.

So we have 3 major categories defined now…we’ll reveal our 4th and 5th category in this post, and the final thrill for a holiday gift.

4) Redundant Anycast DNS – Anywho? Anycast! This means we’ll launch dozens of DNS servers around the world to replace those 2 on-server DNS servers that your host uses. You’ll be able to manage it all through our interface, it’ll even feature failover DNS (if your site is down, we’ll put up a message more pretty than the browser 404.)

5) Website Migrations – Together, we’ve built a platform that can allow you to do a 3 step automated website migration. We won’t go into a lot of details on this yet, but free website migrations are in the near future. (Tired of your host? You’re NOT stuck with them anymore.)

The icing on the cake, the real feature that will put Comcure into the “must have” category will be revealed next month – it’s never been done, and it’ll simply make you love hosting. I can promise you that we will continue to innovate, from day one, to our five year anniversary. “How did we ever do hosting without Comcure?”

I hope all of this helps you know what’s in the future for Comcure. If you have any questions, you can always email or comment on this post!

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