2 months ago we asked you to support Comcure..

In 3 days we’ll be at the 2 month mark since we asked for your support and business – Sept 1st, 2012. A big day for Comcure. So in turn, we wanted to take time and update everyone on how’s Comcure done to date, and what’s in the future…In our eyes, we have 5 major [...]

Comcure could’ve saved the day

I can’t stress this enough. Yesterday’s WHT Insider was primarily about one of the Community Leaders epic failure with not backing up their website. Now Dennis had backups, but he didn’t have archiving and his backup system was on par with what most people consider adequate backups. I won’t pick on Dennis too much, but [...]

The Comcure Mission Statement

It was less than 30 days ago that Comcure was released to the public. Less than 180 days that it was first seen by the public, and not but 365 days since the idea of Comcure was born. Our team of 7 has had a great time first building the foundation, and then the first [...]

Comcure can back up WordPress MU

When we see Comcure being used for a great purpose – we feel we just have to show it off. We recently had a client sign up for Comcure who had over 1400 blogs through WordPress MU and was looking to do a WordPress Multi Site Backup. They weren’t sold on Comcure at first, after [...]

Out of 5600 bloggers surveyed…

Out of 5600 bloggers surveyed, 1907 of those were HostGator placing it as the #1 host for Bloggers. Blogging.org has compiled the list of the top 25 hosts for bloggers into a very nice infographic. One of our partner hosts, UK2.NET lands at #9, with one of our partner datacenters, Softlayer landing at #4. 43% [...]

The i2coalition and why you absolutely should be supporting it.

Comcure is proud to be a supporting member of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2coalition). The goal of i2Coalition is to facilitate public policy education and advocacy, develop market-driven standards formed by consensus and give the industry a unified voice. Too often, it’s thought that the internet is powered by the likes of Google and Facebook, [...]

Get Comcure Pro for free

Hi All! Sorry for the long time between posts. In the past two months we’ve been very busy releasing a new look, new partnerships and new features. So much new – not to mention throwing a party for 3000 people at HostingCon and preparing for the cPanel Conference in October. All that aside, we’re thrilled [...]

Comcure Stays Free & Introduces 2 New Plans

On Tuesday, July 17, shortly after we co-host “Host Me All Night Long” with @cPanel and @Softlayer, we will be introducing the next level of Comcure – our Business and Reseller plans (MySQL backups coming very soon as well!). Comcure was built to be and will remain free. However, we do have many clients who [...]

Join us at “Host Me All Night Long” in Boston

Greetings! Wow, it’s been almost two weeks since our last post, and for good reason – we’ve been BUSYYYY. We’re proud to announce we will be co-hosting a party at HostingCon 2012 with Softlayer and cPanel called Host Me All Night Long We are honored that our friends at cPanel and Softlayer asked us to [...]

On Demand Snapshots & Excluding Directories

Thrilled to introduce two of the more requested features this morning. Our guys have just implemented the ability to exclude any directory (and all child directories under it) by placing the file “.comcure_ignore” in the directory – this file should be empty, with linux you can use the “touch” command otherwise your text editor + [...]

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